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The third reunion was held on Sept. 27-30, 2018 in Branson, MO.

Our 2016 reunion was also held in Branson.

Please plan to attend our next reunion!

From the Editor

This site is designed to recognize all those that served in this capacity and to promote and enhance similar efforts at other locations on the internet.

Members of this site have access to a spreadsheet containing all of the instructor names and data that we have been able to find. The spreadsheet is sorted alphabetically with sections for each branch, officers, and instructors. DLI personnel are also included. Hopefully you will find some names you recognize and be able to reconnect with some of the instructors you knew in Viet Nam.

There are also sections for you to participate with photos of those visual memories, a discussion board, a telling of personal stories, and a projects section.

AFLS - Viet Nam

Sponsored by Alumni Instructors

The Army, Navy and Air Force Sent us to Viet Nam to teach English!

We are the Alumni

Welcome to this site dedicated to the English Instructors who served in Viet Nam as a part of the Armed Forces Language School.

It seems as though we went by a variety of names: AFLS, DLI, MACV Advisory Team 62, Palace Dogs, AFAT2. AFAT7 and were drawn from the ranks of the Army, Navy and Air Force.

The 2018 AFLS Vietnam Reunion
2018 Reunion

The 2016 AFLS Vietnam Reunion
2016 Reunion

The 2014 AFLS Vietnam Reunion
2014 Reunion

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JCS Annex

JGS Annex
Truong Sinh Ngu Quan Doi
(Army Language School)
6/18/56 - 11/72
Destroyed 1/31/68 (TET) and rebuilt
ARVN 6/18/56 - 1/66
Army 1/66 - 8/68
Air Force 8/68 - 11/72
Navy 4/26/71 - 7/12/71

Dong Khanh Annex

Dong Khanh Annex
Air Force
29 Dong Khanh Street
11/4/68 - 1/19/70
Car Bombed 8/7/69

Koepler Compound

Koelper Compound
Air Force
8 Nguyen Van Trang Street
12/23/68 – 9/71

Nha Trang

Nha Trang
Air Force
4/11/69 - 8/72

Royal Annex

Royal Annex
487-489 Phan Than Gian
4/28/69 – 4/26/71

Tan Son Nhut-Annex

Tan Son Nhut Annex
Air Force & Navy
Near MACV Annex, Saigon
10/13/69 – 8/72

Vung Tau Annex

Vung Tau Annex
Kiet Compound Building
HQ on Air Base
12/8/69 - 5/1/72